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About AgriTours Canada / Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel

AgriTours Canada (Consulting) Inc. in partnership with Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel, offers specialized travel packages in agri-culture, agri-technical, agri-educational, agri-business and agri-incentive tour programs within North America and outside North America.

AgriTours Canada Inc. is an agritourism consulting company that specializes in agri-culture, agri-technical, agri-educational, agri-business and agri-incentive tour planning within North America and outside North America. In partnership with Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel, agricultural itineraries are designed by AgriTours Canada for Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel who then package and sell tours to clients requesting customized tours. Each tour is unique and designed specifically requests from agricultural groups, companies and organizations, to meet their unique needs.

In July 2011, AgriTours Canada with over 30 years of agricultural expertise in agritourism, joined up with Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel also located in Guelph, Ontario, combining traditional travel services offered by travel agencies with more specialized agricultural travel planning services.

Today Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel in partnership with AgriTours Canada (Consulting) Inc., is proud to be able to continue to plan agricultural specialty travel packages for both inbound and out-of-Canada bound clients including; individuals, associations and special interest groups!

Royal City Travel has provided AgriTours Canada with flights and special services for over 11 years, while AgriTours operated as a private wholesale tour company. With nearly 30 years of travel service history, Royal City recently became a Carlson Wagonlit Travel Partner, expanding their capabilities and increasing their offerings to their clients. With Guelph having such a huge base of agricultural companies, government agencies and associations, the opportunity to be able to provide their clients and potential clients with the specialty offerings for agricultural related travel and tour programs - made it a natural evolution to combine the AgriTours Canada agritourism travel specialty to their repertoire of agency services.

The combined capabilities of Royal City Travel and AgriTours Canada Consulting, now provides specialized agricultural tours, both locally and to clients abroad wishing to visit Canada for agricultural tours and events. Using a network of agricultural specialty travel agencies around the world, we are able to offer tour planning and implementation for agricultural travel almost anywhere in the world.

As with most of our agricultural tours, a portion of tour costs may be tax deductible for Canadian citizens. Call Richard at 1-877-683-5742 (North America) or 519-826-4077 for more information on this or other questions about our travel opportunities OR contact Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel at 1-888-278-9990 (Canada) for more information on our tours and travel planning services.

We are also a proud member of the following organizations:

Agricultural Tour Operators International

Ontario Motor Coach Association

The American Bus Association

TICO - Travel Industry Council of Ontario

Carlson Wagonlit Royal City Travel / AgriTours Canada

Customized Tours

Our clients appreciate the customized tours we provide to them. They know that no two tours are the same. Some of our recent custom inbound tour groups include:

Estonian Agricultural consultants and government advisors Russian aboriginal agricultural specialists (Yacutia region) attending Ontario farm equipment shows Russian (Samara region) agro-industrial complex managers interested in large-scale farming Minister of Agriculture and staff from the Sudan Forestry experts from Italy & Germany interested in Ministry of Natural Resources programs and tours of private, small-scale and large-scale forestry & logging operations and processing facilities Swine, beef, and dairy producers from Finland interested in livestock genetics An agricultural alumni association from Germany visiting western Canadian farmers An agricultural alumni association from Switzerland visiting Swiss Canadian farmers Several Dutch groups (both retired and active farmers) visiting farms in Central and Western Canada Flemish-Belgian horticultural specialists Hungarian agricultural Genetics training group Dairy cattle specialists from Germany's Top Agrar Magazine A Slovakian agriculture and sport fishing tour Australian quilters attending the Waterloo Quilt Festival.

Our multi-lingual tour directors speak Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

We've partnered with top motor coach companies to provide superior quality drivers and motor coaches for your group tour programs. Our motor coaches can pick up at major airport gateways throughout Canada and the USA.

Special Events

Wherever possible, special events such as the Farm Progress Show, Tulare Farm Show, the Calgary Stampede, Agribition, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, the International Plowing Match etc., are included in tour packages.

We're pleased that the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has designated us an official supplier of tours, hotel accommodation and visitor day trips to the Royal. AgriTours Canada manages the International Business Centre, hosting more than 2,000 visitors annually to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Choose AgriTours Canada for your group tour!

We're pleased that the following groups contracted with us to be their official tour supplier:
NK Brand Seeds, Syngenta Canada, Chile-Argentina 2010 tour Shur-Gain Nutreco, Dutch and Irish Nutreco Dairy Specialists 2008 Michigan Farm bureau, Argentina 2008 Tour Atlantic Advanced Agricultural Leadership (AAALP), Chile 2007 Tour Semex Alliance, 12 groups at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2009

For a quote on a customized tour for your group, please visit our Tour Request Page or call us at 519.826-4077 or 1.877.683.5742 (toll-free) to discuss your needs and interests.

We also produce agricultural tours for the general farming community to join. These tours are available through our cross-Canada AgriTours Network travel agencies or on our website.

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Membership is contingent on TICO and/or IATA membership, population base in your area and type of tour business. Find out more.

AgriTours Canada is a member of Agricultural Tour Operators International, a world-wide organization, which assists us in offering agricultural tour programs in most countries of the world.